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Scott Burton’s paintings, prints, films, and sculptures have not only appeared in various exhibitions and galleries over the past twenty five years, but on covers, in articles and most notably in volumes of Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art and within the pages of Heavy Metal magazine. His works are owned by many well-known artists and art collectors.


Currently, Scott produces miniatures, models, paintings and sculptures for feature films and commercials. He has worked extensively with legendary Star Wars special effects model maker Grant McCune on many films and commercials. Scott has contributed to the Spider-man and X-Men series of films, Minority Report, Team America, and John Rambo to name just a few. He has also been involved in the production of the year-end animated music box gifts given by real estate entrepreneur Sam Zell.


As of 2012 he has worked at Merritt Productions, Inc where he supervises projects for commercials, television, and movies. Past clients include IBM, Apple, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Target, KFC, and many more.   

Scott is in the stages of producing a book of his paintings covering over twenty years of work. He has also began work on a very ambitious illustrated novel featuring his own words and paintings.

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